Douches de Français

I don't know many who are listen-to-music-while-taking a shower people. Well I am and the recent past weeks the magnificent french singer Edith Piaf's music has been the start of my morning and the start of my days. That and the mandatory, crucial but yet so great cup of columbian roast from Trader Joe's.

Beau Jour!


Gnarly F**kin' Movie!!

Anti Christ (2009) with Willem Dafoe & Charlotta Gainsbourg.

Lars Von Trier used Charlotta and Willem to scare me, petrify me, make my body ache and still I would like to recommend you to see it, gather up a safe-group and watch it, discuss it and feel the exact way I felt after that I had been watching it, my conclusion was and is; 'Gnarly Fucking Movie'.

Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Goodnight