Late Two-O'-Nine-Chronicle

How do I summarize another post-modern-loving year when the center of attention has been a conspiracy-stated-false 'Global Warming Crisis' a 'Global-Continuously-Collapsing' Economy, a question marked 'Nobel Peace Prize Winner' currently leader of a country in war with two countries and a scare of a new world pandemic that in April was told to possibly wipe out the entire world but only killed 6.567 people and infected half a million people?

Well stated enough, 'Swine-Flu' was left for others than me to care about, 2012 was well marketed over the highly polluted freeways of LA asking all the not-so-well-public-transporters 'How It will End', well obviosly the people has lost faith in themselves, so why care about them when you can care about what means the world to you.

Pictures from left; Cabo (Mexico), Gotland (Sweden), Santa Monica (Los Angeles, USA), Oskarshamn (Sweden), Ocean Park (Los Angeles, USA), Cabo (Mexico)

To me, what meant the world, this year was amazing homecomings, sittings at homes of the people I care of in all different shapes and different adventures. For me it was an amazing, traditional Midsummer among friends in the Swedish skerries and a weekend on the medieval-kept-and-restored Gotland with Matilda and her family. It was sharing Christmas with my family and drinking a couple of beer with the people I wanted there on the 23rd of December as well as on the 25th.

It was also a Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz and chatting with the cast of 'Shining City' at the 'Fountain Theatre' in downtown Los Angeles. It was kissing Matilda at our crosswalk again and maybe hanging up-side-down at Giggling Marlin's in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was adding yet another year to a relationship and it was finding my writing again. It was drinking a breakfast whiskey at a casino bar in Vegas and a walk home from my friends at Raymond Street with Eric and Johan during their Spring Break in Los Angeles and so on... Many memories might shape a year and the true meaning to many of them I want to keep for myself and the ones precent. But in general 2009, was a great year of personal experience, thanks to love, friends and family.

When it comes to film and music that i]I care somewhat more about than pandemics and a global crisis was the finding of James Dean that gave one of my biggest impressions, 'Rebel Without A Cause' at a tuesday morning was honest and very meaningful to me. Getting deeper into the Kaufman messy head and philosophies happened during a spring morning and 'Synecdoche New York'.

The Films released in 2009 that also decides to blow my minds was;
'Avatar', 'Where The Wild Things Are', 'District 9', 'Inglorious Basterds' and 'The Lovley Bones'

The Music released in 2009 that also decided to be golden to my ears and mind was;
The Derek Truck's Band - 'Already Free', Phoenix - 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix', Anthony & The Johnsons - 'The Crying Light', Mew - 'No More Stores...(a way to long title)' & Animal Collective's - 'Merriwheather Post Pavillion'

This will be my short, but yet complete review of a great 2009, one step closer to a global and financial collapse, almost new passed taxes for breathing and personally an amazing experience in life, in ways of love, friendship and family.

Have a great Two-O'-Ten.
The times may be dark but greatness
will arise if we all want to,
so stay positive, stay true.