The Industrial Country Issue of Today or A Social Issue of less importance

The supermarket chain 'Albertson' have remodeled their stores into more fresh stores with organic choices. Unfortunetly they the store planning manager forgot to think twice before he placed the fresh fish next to the customer toilet. Not only does it smell alot of fish in the toilets, it's also freezing cold considering the isolation quality of the houses in Southern California.

Sad miss!


The Entire Credits, I Watched The Entire Credits

It is rare but yet somewhat fantastic. Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire' from 2008 is probably the only movie that I have watched from first to last frame, including its credits. The fantastically narrated story of color, unforgettable love brings hope as the colored, beautiful landscapes of India stretches out in Jamal Maliks story. The film's recognition is well deserved as I hope for continuing success in this fantastic art of storytelling.

And for the record, I am going to Cabo for Springbreak.
Somedays are better than others.

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite



...was what I felt last night, scary and unexpected.
But at the same time, pretty tackyish cool

Write, Piggy, Write...

If I don't start to write more I am going to turn out like...


Which by the look of it is defined as not good nor of appreciation what so ever the claim may be. I carefully sit and get upset by pride and prejudice as I claim that history is written by the winners, so of course the people will suffer from hubris, the question is when the wings will melt down Like they did for 'Ikaros' in Antique age of Greece. A Person who I spoke to yesterday was talking about the AE as in the 'American Empire'. He compared it to the 'Roman Empire'. Well to start of the Roman Empire is known for their expansion by killing and conquer, they were the founders of Christianity that was established through the first meeting in 'Nicaea' 325 AD. They formed the ages of 'March', the ages of war and were considered as barbarians who destroyed the female image, established the crusades et cetera. So the questions is, do America want to be compared to the 'Roman Empire' and what is their excuse to the evolution process in our society that has passed by the last millennium of our history. 

Greet a Brand New Day!


A Brand New Morning in America

It is not much that you are good enough for. Finding directions or installing, learning people around me how electrical things work, call for favors to be made or be of loving kind. You try
to take responsibility and do your best every day to please the ones with needs for knowledge through you. I think I am the only one who ever has been blamed for by the person yelling at you can not get the television working and yet after it was no blamed as a frustration for the moment.

I am not going to say that I am sorry but myself I have to 'youtube' the most important part of Barack Obamas Inaguration, because I was yelled at in a phone when he swore his presidential oath, at least I could hear the applaus of the school cafeteria as my communication class had a very different form from what it usually has.

I am not going to write how I wanted to feel the pride of being an American or being in the country when 'the moment' happened. My biggest concern right now is that the dollar is up at 8.4 Swedish Kronor and that I have to struggle with my mean-machine-computer for three days while my computer is being fixed. Yet I felt somewhat the moment of how huge this day was for many americans as well as citizens around the globe who truly believes in the hope that Obama is all about and brings out.

None of ones duties end because of great moments, as I sit here 50 pages of reading awaits me and a tough week lies ahead. But moments of beloning even for a foreigner like me in a country of such pride makes one forget about reality for a while and enjoy the January sunshine outside even more. As this historical moment of joy raise above our expectations we catch a glimt of it as the day moves on and even I forget that I was yelled out for no good reasons what so ever. I feel that the world is not a hopeless misery and somewhat believe the picturesque meaning of a change that we all can be in favor of.

The Inaguration is Details;
Place: The Santa Monica Clayton Buidling (SMC Cafeteria)
Drink: Mocha with Whipped Cream (Starbucks)

What's the story, morning glory!


Snapple Ice Tea is what you're suppose to drink this year.

A 'Listomaniac'

Sitting alone in the outdoor patio at the school cafeteria stuffing myself with the never so tasteful but always as addictive 'Beef and Broccoli' I found one of my biggest addictions.  I have somewhat a need for entertaining myself and in the simplest of ways, through making unimportant lists of all possibilities, music, movies or future career options. I have to rid of this habit at least in some small portions because I have to admit that it is rather nerdy. This facing of the future does not mean that I will stop making music lists because that's somewhat a passion I find extremely entertaining, even though it is rather mainstream.

This is my list of how to reinvent during 2009 myself, the one that I wrote in the cafeteria when I discovered the addiction, just had to publish it.
  • Start Exercising
  • Drink and Eat Healthy or Healthier
  • Blog some mo'
  • Don't eat chocolate for 6 months
  • Write a Screenplay
  • Seriously considering buying an X-Box 360 (Because I DO want it)
  • Stop making unimportant lists like this one
  • Don't promise stuff I can't keep (sense the double moral)
Hello, Goodbye


Morning Showers and Comm 1

Getting up in the morning usually is the main issue for people in general. Me, myself find it rather easy if you compare it the hardest in my life; Getting Out of the Shower. People who claim that getting up is hard, but when standing there, half sleeping and not really awake is probably the main reason why I always arrive at a scene at the last minute. When thinking about it, I question myself why on earth this is such a problem and how one or at least I behave in the shower during the morning.

* When standing in the shower I realize that I can't lean on either of the walls because they are ice cold, which is a reason why you shouldn't have the power to stand in the shower for so long, because a chair in the kitchen is more comfortable and breakfast taste better than the water.

** When standing in the shower you start thining in a half awake, half dreaming phase when you think in way to strange ways to even find logical explanations to them. Take for instant; 'Why is a grey man standing in George Lucas pool holding a chicken when KFC has a sale on tacos.'
Yes wierd stuff as that, it is not meant to be entertaining or an scientific idea. It is a thought processing without any logical sense to it.

*** When you have decided that your time in the shower is up you supposedly turn the water off and grab a towel. No, in my case I look at the crane and think, one more minute. And this I do even if I am in a hurry because my self dicipline has no power over my morning shower.

**** When I finally get out of the shower I am wrapped up in my towel and I sit down on the toilet seat and think of nothing and really, really slow try to think of something that will keep me occupied before I go out in an even colder apartment.

If I wouldn't take the morning shower I would be considered a wandering mummy for the rest if my day so in some way it has a creative purpose in organizing me and prepare me for the day just like my must-have glass of orange juice, but why my shower routine is so wierd and with our any logical explanations I do not understand, what so ever.

First Class is Always Comm 1 and today I did screw up, I will never forget about Potters Box and how it stole 2% of my final grade.

Guess I have to Read Some Mo'

Final Draft is Always On My Mind

Always and Never.

I want to write a great story but where do I start?

Boy Meets Girl.


They all live happily after?

Sleep Tight!


A Red Diamond Shaped Sign

As lit bonfires emerge into
a fire the little boy screams;
The little boy has come a long
journey just to take part of the
warmth from the bonfires lit of honor,
to the people who live in poverty.

As the fire spreads through
the crowd they emerge into fire.
The little boy screams yet again;
Afraid to lose a burning heart in the fire, 
hands of god, save the people,
from burning and from dying.
As a new fire emerges, but not
here, not know.
As a baby starts to weep,
the boy starts to realize.
One last time he screams;


My body screams for more chew as my mind desires an Xbox 360

While sitting in my Communication 1 Class and listeting to how media effects us I just
wander away in agony and pain when finding my chew (a.k.a Snus) almost entirely gone.

At the same time I can not stop thinking about sitting at home in my apartment with a new Xbox 360 and just spend a couple of days.

Maybe my next poll should be however I should consider buying an Xbox, I mean consider it yourself. You'll probably get out hundreds of hours and if you pay 150 dollar for a used console I need to pay off or live without 30 buckaronies per month, which is the answer to the mothly costs my the costs of my chew?

The conclusion is that being a student is hard sometimes.
Enjoy the lovely weather


Big Blue Bus vs. The Shining

I must admit that the bus system in Santa Monica is more well developed than anywhere in the US (Always count out New York). The System covers good routes and easy transfer access, but also I fully understand the frustration in Los Angeles citizens who refuse to ride the bus. I am not pointing at discrimination like people in West Hollywood, when saying that the Sunset Bus to Beverly Hills is the 'Nanny Express'.

When saying that The Big Blue Bus System is like the The Shining (1980) is simply based on the fact that the busses that run between every 15-30 minutes is a totally un-synchronized system where lines don't wait for each other even though people run like mad men over the raging streets to catch them. In the comparison between The Shining and the Big Blue Buses I see myself as the little lost and terrified boy being haunted by the psycho dad (or Jack Nicholson or Johnny) in a labyrinth that in my comparison is 'Time' as a character controlling and haunting my grades in school (two late drop-in equals one minus one point from the final grade). The labyrinth itself is the bus system that as I said runs without any logical explanations. After line three drops me of a new line 3 comes to pick people up, the issue is through that a line three just drove pass witch means that 3 line three comes and are all followed by four to five line seven buses, which is the line that I am suppose to take to get to school.  

Just like living in LA without a car is like running Tour de France without a bike I realize that I am heading toward my home and that my class starts in 5 minutes, sucks to be me in the early orange sky morning.

- Todays 'Bummer'!
On the question who Martin Luther King was I get a very blonde answer.
'He was a king or something, wasn't he?'
I Just Answered: 'Are You Serious?'

- I have a GPA at 3,25, two more A's and I shall be satisfied.

- And I just can't get it, I heard my first Timo Raisanen songs a week ago. 
Shame on me!

Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite.

Chronicles of 2008 Part II - The Year That Passed and the Upcoming Future of Mine.

(When the ice is broken and the settlement sets in.)

I can't hardly remember everything that I got to see or do last year. But i clearly remember what I did not do and how changes may occur as the new year leads me on some what paths of redemtion. Redemptions toward myself of course.
As the clock counted down toward the birth of 2009 I was stuck on a small local pub in Henniker, New Hampshire called 'Gin-Gin' with an older friend, a room-mate and a loved one. I was also in the company of new friends as cheers and free alcoholic bevereages greeted the new year. When looking back on 2008, I do not see darkness even if 'Part I' might express somewhat frustration about a year that did not come out as expected. Truth is, life never turns our as expected. Decisions are made and things happen more on impulse that we ever planned them on to happen which is the charm of a years evolution towards the growing of knowledge both around and inside of you. The part of the year in Sweden seem so 'Out-Of-Date' and expired as so many new experiences have given to me during these minority months of 2008, that were spend in Los Angeles.
Truth is that all places become human and natural. They all lose a touch of greatness when touched as well as the most magnificant places on earth. There comes same issues with love and therefore so many do not have either the will or the power to last longer than a couple of months. Personally I look at love differntly from concrete objects such as boulevard with dirty stars that suppose to stand for glamour. Love is more pure, abstract and can not be touched or destroyed by issues that are concrete matters, of course they can but I do not consider my self someone who consider a location more than the feeling of beloning both in relationships and in bonding friendships. I now I do not always get even with people but as a new year opens up its door a 2 year celebration will be made in the name of love.

2009 will also be so much about re-inventing myself, getting back to old habits such as exercising and try to do what I always have loved, write. By writing both here and in my other new music blog I will try to finally finish a screenplay and hopefully use my time in the Entertainment Capital of the world. Of course you promise yourself to be good to yourself and change and some people doubt that people can change. Me on the other hand have full belief for changes, I am to much of a sentimentalist to not think that we can re-invent ourselves to take good and bad, new and old habits to later on turn them in to the perfect me, for me and everyone around me.

I gained so much knowledge from living together with someone and also by gaining new knowledge of new cultures that I already feel re-invented in many ways. I just want to find those designated moments of the past years that me glowing, that had be going constantly and that change comes from inside of me not from chaning my surroundings. As the year will evolve it will also face loss in many ways as I am forced to leave love for a while, at least physically in order to obtain my dreams.

I also find within the bottom of my soul that we borh can do it. I also look myself around and realize that this place is not my home, it will never become HOMEwood like my home country. On the other hand I do not feel that my former hometown will ever feel like HOMEharbor. As establishing a period of my life her I know I belong to the country I was born to and therefore that is also a place where I think I want to build my life for good. Of course there are never certainties in the world but of course the heart of ours tells us what feels right and what feels wrong and for the moment this feels right. But right is not always the forever solution it is just simply a path that I have been given in the journey of a new a year. It is also a path that will change mylife as the previous and hopefully turn out to a perfect year, in every single enjoyable little way.

Good Morning, This Is Notes from Homewood and my name is,
Stefan Henriksson


Chronicles of 2008 Part I - The Year That Passed and the Upcoming Future of Mine.

(Breaking the Ice and Getting it All Out for Reconsidering a Re-summary)

When asking what a year is we can often define it differently based on own experiences. A year can be anything we decide it to be, for some, younger souls as myself a year can be as much as a journey without a solid ground as an establishment towards something we like to see as our future. When looking through the past year of my own one can say it has been a little bit of both.

When naming this blog 'Notes from HOMEwood' it contains a sense or irony in it, just a little pinch. It has been quite a journey as the year has stretched through new enviroments and many new gained friends and when it came to its end it was with the dearly beloved with whom my perfect ending. 

As the year took place in a friends house party on New Years eve in my hometown it was without both steps forward and backwards, I was waiting eagerly as the year that has passed (2007) had become a quite successful year. It also started without a goal reached later on to be reached while meeting up with my girlfriend in Boston after one year's forced seperation in a so called long distance relationship. After a wonderful trip to Florida and South Beach, Miami we both headed back home. Home was new to both of us, under the surface lied the same city was the one we both had grow up in. After a quite stormy summer without any special designated uplifting moments the decision to move California became more and more clear. When looking back at those first 8 months I hardly remember anything, they seem so old fashioned and dead to me as a new road was asphalted for me. 

One can say that the summer could be easily described as a rainy summer without letters of recommendation for anyone and I clearly sensed that a new path had to be made as the moving to Los Angeles became reality on the sixth of August. The move to Los Angeles was a new start for me and a chance to get somewhat a perspective on the world and the dream of mine and the city where dreams are told to come true. The first four months were new to me as the year evolved faster than I imagined. A stormy week on a cheap, stinky hostel lead to an apartment in Venice Beach. Autumn in Los Angeles clearly misses its charm if you compare to New England where the beginning of last years fall was spent. School went on as expected, due to mentally effecting fights with a not so impressive English 1 teacher as new friends was made and love re-engaged in both concrete and abstract ways. 

I ask myself sometimes if all the beer cans before crashing Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday Nights was an establishment or an escape from home? Truth is that I might have been escaping in the beginning of my journey to in the end establishing a new home if I am ready call this place 'home' yet. But as I say and always has, cheesy but somewhat truth spoken; 'home is where you heart is' and my heart got to spend all nights beside me fighting bedbugs that we yet to this day seem to be fighting more than trash talking professors. 

When summarizing a year I tend to forget all memories, the best musical was seen in London with Matilda as she turned 21 and all bright moments become out shined as I eager look forward to the upcoming spring and a future of settlement. Truth is that 2008 will always become somewhat of blur both physically and psychologically since the year did really settle me anywhere but in myself, for some parts. Summarizing a year like 2008 will unfortunetley not mean as much as 2007 or 2009 hopefully will be as a heart continues to evolve toward new heights, new goals and brighter future.

Some defined moments of 2008;
South Beach in March, London in April. 20 in June and Moving in August. Having an old friend for visit in September and October. Finding Bedbugs sleeping with me in November and making a journey to New Hampshire to celebrate Christmas in New York.

As closing my eyes for some last word of 2008 it is Christmas that I choose to recall. Christmas became a quite nice settlement for all gained knowledge in this course of a year and it also brought me home, home to me, which is always my home in heart.

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite (Literally)