My apologies Mr. Brando!

Marlon Brando (t.r), Steve McQueen (c) and Marilyn Monroe (t.l)

I've just been getting on some truly amazing classics in the recent past weeks, as I started through my inspiring James Dean adventure with 'Rebel Without A Cause' and 'East of Eden' I am now before 'On The Waterfront', 'Some Like It Hot', 'Bullit', 'The Last Escape', 'Papillon' and more to come, we got Hitchcock, Wilder, Allen, Goddard, Kurosawa and list just goes on and on.

Unfortunately though Mr. Brando, Mr. McQueen and Ms. Monroe, got to get my head into Math, not because I'd rather do it, but because I have to.

Good Night and Good Luck

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  1. steve mcqueen är en cool jävel.
    jag gråter nu på morgonen för
    att jag inte kan vara lika cool.