Art of Telling Stories or The Day Mr. Keeshen Remembered my Name.

When I, If I ever become somewhat a filmmaker, my storyboarding teacher made it clear that he demands 10%, not only from me but all of his students. His name is Mr. Keeshen and he is somewhat someone you either love or not, his humor is not always understood and that doesn't make him stop, he can be rather sadistic and really put students into a bad position that they dislike, but he is probably the most important teacher 

'Trip To The Moon' (1902) A Perfect Example of Great Storytelling.

I have always meet and this Thursday, he finally remembered my name, after eight months. He has already given me an 'A' in one of the most important classes of my career that's why he deserves those 10%. Not because of the 'A' but the simplicities and the realization he put me through in order to fully understand that concept of film and motion pictures that I have always witnessed but never believed in.

In my opinion, Keeshen is a brilliant teacher and a really cool guy. A guy at my class told me: 'Some people may say bad stuff about Keeshen, but they're all wrong, he's one of the best'. I totally agree, he knows storytelling and in that first class called 'Storytelling' and those cozy Monday night with Mr. Keeshen and 45 eagerly storytellers of tomorrow we all got know the basics in which I possess the power to write any story I possess. 

'Casablanca' (1942) also a terrific story told.

It's easy, it's 'Establishment', 'Conflict' and 'Resolution', broken down in '12 Steps Of the Main Character's Journey'. It's basic, its simplicity but most of all it taught me to get out! Get out of that pattern of believing that storytelling, as well as movies is art, art where rules are broken and yes they are. Sometimes, but in order to break rules, the content needs to follow a pattern understood by the writer or artist in order break it and make sense out of that art. 

Mr. Keeshen also told me this, that movies often get to long which I disagreed with in the beginning. And sometimes I still do it. But to shorten down and give a story quality rather that quantity is the power few posses and that counts in with some of the greatest directors, writers and producers on this earth. Stories are not made to be created for the purpose of entertaining to long, directors fall in love with their work so badly that they don't no when to cut, some stories demand the width but most don't. 

'La Maison En Petits Cubes' (2008), one of few Oscar nominated films this 
year where the story was told with greatness.

That's why we so often fast forward the dvd or the downloaded avi file, cause that's what we do. We download it, like it or dislike it, the we throw it away or keep it. Most stories are unfortunately thrown away and we only keep few and that's where storytelling in movies has gone wrong and someone finally made me understand that.

On the other hand I have serious problems with my 'Act II' for Mert Meneri, the beginning of my conflict or middle or what ever we choose call it, has so much importance and demand width. But I don't want to lose the reader on the 10th page, seems so frustrating. 

Good Night and Good Luck!

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