Revised Storyboard and Finding My Story

It seems to as I have either grown up or lost confidence in art, but as argued in every single class I've taken since I started at Santa Monica College, the screenwriting segment every teacher expresses him or herself in is about storystructure, especially in my Digital Media classes, and yes when reading 'Inglorious Bastards' last week, I see, that even Quentin Tarantino uses rules, even though if he brakes them. Syd Fields book 'A Screenwriters Workshop' is actuallt pretty legit, he goes into the process and that book, my neighbor who is taught by Syd Field and Eli Roth's 'The Curios Case of Benjamin Button' is currently helping me with the structure of writing my first Feature Film screenplay. 

The Story is simple, it's about a guy called Mert, coming to the US, succeeding in selling a screenplay and reaches maximum fame. Conflict, he's held back by his father and Death's friends and in order to process his career he demands full creation freedom, and yes it sounds cheesy, but I haven't presented the narration yet or the climax of the story which has somewhat a powerful approach in this screenplay. Of course 'Story' is king, and I respect that.

I am just so hard on myself, I just finished the first 13 pages and I erased them. My Professor in Storyboarding Jim Keeshen said to me that you should never under any circumstances fall in love with you're work and that is not the case with me. I think it through so much and criticise it to hard to ever reach a progress. As leaving from my class with Mr. Keeshen I find out that there is so little of my music library that suits the uncomfortability of riding the buses expect from one album, 'Skebokvarnsvagen 209' by Joakim Thastrom, that inspired this day so much that I wrote somewhat an article on him (Music, Truth & Tunes). 

So what did I learn today? Always something new and I'll share it with you. I learned that Animatics is king in Animation, that my story is not an animation but rather a story that need a lot of fixing and some kinds of motif's, just like Eli Roth, because he's wise and writes extremely well. Watching the Oscars this Sunday you should get inspired, but since this story of Mert Meneri is rather 'anti-Oscar' I don't really know. School takes up time and so does this and MT&T, but that is a funding source in order to live better, so would a sold screenplay for 40 000$ be, but in order to get there I need to learn how to sell.

My point and my purpose of my A.A Degree in Digital Media is to gain all knowledge required to be a project manager in film, a.k.a a Producer, and to be a producer you are to know every field. That's where I wanna get and this screenplay is just a dream thing, that helps me practise. But I will write it, and I'll make it unpredictable and good,

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