Morning Showers and Comm 1

Getting up in the morning usually is the main issue for people in general. Me, myself find it rather easy if you compare it the hardest in my life; Getting Out of the Shower. People who claim that getting up is hard, but when standing there, half sleeping and not really awake is probably the main reason why I always arrive at a scene at the last minute. When thinking about it, I question myself why on earth this is such a problem and how one or at least I behave in the shower during the morning.

* When standing in the shower I realize that I can't lean on either of the walls because they are ice cold, which is a reason why you shouldn't have the power to stand in the shower for so long, because a chair in the kitchen is more comfortable and breakfast taste better than the water.

** When standing in the shower you start thining in a half awake, half dreaming phase when you think in way to strange ways to even find logical explanations to them. Take for instant; 'Why is a grey man standing in George Lucas pool holding a chicken when KFC has a sale on tacos.'
Yes wierd stuff as that, it is not meant to be entertaining or an scientific idea. It is a thought processing without any logical sense to it.

*** When you have decided that your time in the shower is up you supposedly turn the water off and grab a towel. No, in my case I look at the crane and think, one more minute. And this I do even if I am in a hurry because my self dicipline has no power over my morning shower.

**** When I finally get out of the shower I am wrapped up in my towel and I sit down on the toilet seat and think of nothing and really, really slow try to think of something that will keep me occupied before I go out in an even colder apartment.

If I wouldn't take the morning shower I would be considered a wandering mummy for the rest if my day so in some way it has a creative purpose in organizing me and prepare me for the day just like my must-have glass of orange juice, but why my shower routine is so wierd and with our any logical explanations I do not understand, what so ever.

First Class is Always Comm 1 and today I did screw up, I will never forget about Potters Box and how it stole 2% of my final grade.

Guess I have to Read Some Mo'

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