A Brand New Morning in America

It is not much that you are good enough for. Finding directions or installing, learning people around me how electrical things work, call for favors to be made or be of loving kind. You try
to take responsibility and do your best every day to please the ones with needs for knowledge through you. I think I am the only one who ever has been blamed for by the person yelling at you can not get the television working and yet after it was no blamed as a frustration for the moment.

I am not going to say that I am sorry but myself I have to 'youtube' the most important part of Barack Obamas Inaguration, because I was yelled at in a phone when he swore his presidential oath, at least I could hear the applaus of the school cafeteria as my communication class had a very different form from what it usually has.

I am not going to write how I wanted to feel the pride of being an American or being in the country when 'the moment' happened. My biggest concern right now is that the dollar is up at 8.4 Swedish Kronor and that I have to struggle with my mean-machine-computer for three days while my computer is being fixed. Yet I felt somewhat the moment of how huge this day was for many americans as well as citizens around the globe who truly believes in the hope that Obama is all about and brings out.

None of ones duties end because of great moments, as I sit here 50 pages of reading awaits me and a tough week lies ahead. But moments of beloning even for a foreigner like me in a country of such pride makes one forget about reality for a while and enjoy the January sunshine outside even more. As this historical moment of joy raise above our expectations we catch a glimt of it as the day moves on and even I forget that I was yelled out for no good reasons what so ever. I feel that the world is not a hopeless misery and somewhat believe the picturesque meaning of a change that we all can be in favor of.

The Inaguration is Details;
Place: The Santa Monica Clayton Buidling (SMC Cafeteria)
Drink: Mocha with Whipped Cream (Starbucks)

What's the story, morning glory!

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