Big Blue Bus vs. The Shining

I must admit that the bus system in Santa Monica is more well developed than anywhere in the US (Always count out New York). The System covers good routes and easy transfer access, but also I fully understand the frustration in Los Angeles citizens who refuse to ride the bus. I am not pointing at discrimination like people in West Hollywood, when saying that the Sunset Bus to Beverly Hills is the 'Nanny Express'.

When saying that The Big Blue Bus System is like the The Shining (1980) is simply based on the fact that the busses that run between every 15-30 minutes is a totally un-synchronized system where lines don't wait for each other even though people run like mad men over the raging streets to catch them. In the comparison between The Shining and the Big Blue Buses I see myself as the little lost and terrified boy being haunted by the psycho dad (or Jack Nicholson or Johnny) in a labyrinth that in my comparison is 'Time' as a character controlling and haunting my grades in school (two late drop-in equals one minus one point from the final grade). The labyrinth itself is the bus system that as I said runs without any logical explanations. After line three drops me of a new line 3 comes to pick people up, the issue is through that a line three just drove pass witch means that 3 line three comes and are all followed by four to five line seven buses, which is the line that I am suppose to take to get to school.  

Just like living in LA without a car is like running Tour de France without a bike I realize that I am heading toward my home and that my class starts in 5 minutes, sucks to be me in the early orange sky morning.

- Todays 'Bummer'!
On the question who Martin Luther King was I get a very blonde answer.
'He was a king or something, wasn't he?'
I Just Answered: 'Are You Serious?'

- I have a GPA at 3,25, two more A's and I shall be satisfied.

- And I just can't get it, I heard my first Timo Raisanen songs a week ago. 
Shame on me!

Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite.

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