Chronicles of 2008 Part II - The Year That Passed and the Upcoming Future of Mine.

(When the ice is broken and the settlement sets in.)

I can't hardly remember everything that I got to see or do last year. But i clearly remember what I did not do and how changes may occur as the new year leads me on some what paths of redemtion. Redemptions toward myself of course.
As the clock counted down toward the birth of 2009 I was stuck on a small local pub in Henniker, New Hampshire called 'Gin-Gin' with an older friend, a room-mate and a loved one. I was also in the company of new friends as cheers and free alcoholic bevereages greeted the new year. When looking back on 2008, I do not see darkness even if 'Part I' might express somewhat frustration about a year that did not come out as expected. Truth is, life never turns our as expected. Decisions are made and things happen more on impulse that we ever planned them on to happen which is the charm of a years evolution towards the growing of knowledge both around and inside of you. The part of the year in Sweden seem so 'Out-Of-Date' and expired as so many new experiences have given to me during these minority months of 2008, that were spend in Los Angeles.
Truth is that all places become human and natural. They all lose a touch of greatness when touched as well as the most magnificant places on earth. There comes same issues with love and therefore so many do not have either the will or the power to last longer than a couple of months. Personally I look at love differntly from concrete objects such as boulevard with dirty stars that suppose to stand for glamour. Love is more pure, abstract and can not be touched or destroyed by issues that are concrete matters, of course they can but I do not consider my self someone who consider a location more than the feeling of beloning both in relationships and in bonding friendships. I now I do not always get even with people but as a new year opens up its door a 2 year celebration will be made in the name of love.

2009 will also be so much about re-inventing myself, getting back to old habits such as exercising and try to do what I always have loved, write. By writing both here and in my other new music blog I will try to finally finish a screenplay and hopefully use my time in the Entertainment Capital of the world. Of course you promise yourself to be good to yourself and change and some people doubt that people can change. Me on the other hand have full belief for changes, I am to much of a sentimentalist to not think that we can re-invent ourselves to take good and bad, new and old habits to later on turn them in to the perfect me, for me and everyone around me.

I gained so much knowledge from living together with someone and also by gaining new knowledge of new cultures that I already feel re-invented in many ways. I just want to find those designated moments of the past years that me glowing, that had be going constantly and that change comes from inside of me not from chaning my surroundings. As the year will evolve it will also face loss in many ways as I am forced to leave love for a while, at least physically in order to obtain my dreams.

I also find within the bottom of my soul that we borh can do it. I also look myself around and realize that this place is not my home, it will never become HOMEwood like my home country. On the other hand I do not feel that my former hometown will ever feel like HOMEharbor. As establishing a period of my life her I know I belong to the country I was born to and therefore that is also a place where I think I want to build my life for good. Of course there are never certainties in the world but of course the heart of ours tells us what feels right and what feels wrong and for the moment this feels right. But right is not always the forever solution it is just simply a path that I have been given in the journey of a new a year. It is also a path that will change mylife as the previous and hopefully turn out to a perfect year, in every single enjoyable little way.

Good Morning, This Is Notes from Homewood and my name is,
Stefan Henriksson

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