Chronicles of 2008 Part I - The Year That Passed and the Upcoming Future of Mine.

(Breaking the Ice and Getting it All Out for Reconsidering a Re-summary)

When asking what a year is we can often define it differently based on own experiences. A year can be anything we decide it to be, for some, younger souls as myself a year can be as much as a journey without a solid ground as an establishment towards something we like to see as our future. When looking through the past year of my own one can say it has been a little bit of both.

When naming this blog 'Notes from HOMEwood' it contains a sense or irony in it, just a little pinch. It has been quite a journey as the year has stretched through new enviroments and many new gained friends and when it came to its end it was with the dearly beloved with whom my perfect ending. 

As the year took place in a friends house party on New Years eve in my hometown it was without both steps forward and backwards, I was waiting eagerly as the year that has passed (2007) had become a quite successful year. It also started without a goal reached later on to be reached while meeting up with my girlfriend in Boston after one year's forced seperation in a so called long distance relationship. After a wonderful trip to Florida and South Beach, Miami we both headed back home. Home was new to both of us, under the surface lied the same city was the one we both had grow up in. After a quite stormy summer without any special designated uplifting moments the decision to move California became more and more clear. When looking back at those first 8 months I hardly remember anything, they seem so old fashioned and dead to me as a new road was asphalted for me. 

One can say that the summer could be easily described as a rainy summer without letters of recommendation for anyone and I clearly sensed that a new path had to be made as the moving to Los Angeles became reality on the sixth of August. The move to Los Angeles was a new start for me and a chance to get somewhat a perspective on the world and the dream of mine and the city where dreams are told to come true. The first four months were new to me as the year evolved faster than I imagined. A stormy week on a cheap, stinky hostel lead to an apartment in Venice Beach. Autumn in Los Angeles clearly misses its charm if you compare to New England where the beginning of last years fall was spent. School went on as expected, due to mentally effecting fights with a not so impressive English 1 teacher as new friends was made and love re-engaged in both concrete and abstract ways. 

I ask myself sometimes if all the beer cans before crashing Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday Nights was an establishment or an escape from home? Truth is that I might have been escaping in the beginning of my journey to in the end establishing a new home if I am ready call this place 'home' yet. But as I say and always has, cheesy but somewhat truth spoken; 'home is where you heart is' and my heart got to spend all nights beside me fighting bedbugs that we yet to this day seem to be fighting more than trash talking professors. 

When summarizing a year I tend to forget all memories, the best musical was seen in London with Matilda as she turned 21 and all bright moments become out shined as I eager look forward to the upcoming spring and a future of settlement. Truth is that 2008 will always become somewhat of blur both physically and psychologically since the year did really settle me anywhere but in myself, for some parts. Summarizing a year like 2008 will unfortunetley not mean as much as 2007 or 2009 hopefully will be as a heart continues to evolve toward new heights, new goals and brighter future.

Some defined moments of 2008;
South Beach in March, London in April. 20 in June and Moving in August. Having an old friend for visit in September and October. Finding Bedbugs sleeping with me in November and making a journey to New Hampshire to celebrate Christmas in New York.

As closing my eyes for some last word of 2008 it is Christmas that I choose to recall. Christmas became a quite nice settlement for all gained knowledge in this course of a year and it also brought me home, home to me, which is always my home in heart.

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite (Literally)

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