A 'Listomaniac'

Sitting alone in the outdoor patio at the school cafeteria stuffing myself with the never so tasteful but always as addictive 'Beef and Broccoli' I found one of my biggest addictions.  I have somewhat a need for entertaining myself and in the simplest of ways, through making unimportant lists of all possibilities, music, movies or future career options. I have to rid of this habit at least in some small portions because I have to admit that it is rather nerdy. This facing of the future does not mean that I will stop making music lists because that's somewhat a passion I find extremely entertaining, even though it is rather mainstream.

This is my list of how to reinvent during 2009 myself, the one that I wrote in the cafeteria when I discovered the addiction, just had to publish it.
  • Start Exercising
  • Drink and Eat Healthy or Healthier
  • Blog some mo'
  • Don't eat chocolate for 6 months
  • Write a Screenplay
  • Seriously considering buying an X-Box 360 (Because I DO want it)
  • Stop making unimportant lists like this one
  • Don't promise stuff I can't keep (sense the double moral)
Hello, Goodbye

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