As she falls asleep...

As a day is closing to its end, I found a peaceful silence in the room that I am sitting in. Only a candle and this computer screen is the light source in the chilly California night.

As time goes by and as memories are shaped I enjoy the silence and watch her as she sleeps gently, confident and safe next to me. She is beautiful and every single breath she takes brings warmth to the inner of my heart and to the presence of this room. After a glass of red wine, thoughts are flowing in my mind and I ask my self how 731 days have past by so fast. I think back for a while and I smile, I feel safe and so secure lying next to her.

An entire journey lies behind both me and Matilda as we celebrate two years of love, songs of recognition, memories of happiness and sometimes hard times that lies beneath our bond of love. She is beautiful when she sleeps, as well as when she laughs. I love this girl who on the fourth of February, 731 days told me that I was beautiful. I replied with a question; 'If she had in mind that I kissed her'. 

As she falls asleep, the lights from the burning candle rests over her beauty and her gentle presence I thank her, I tell her that she is beautiful and I tell her that I love her...

Good Night

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