The Sense of Everything Coming Together

As I entered school for my first day I did it with somewhat hate and pain, towards the world as it is financially and especially with a look on what's happening to the Swedish economy, it not a downturn it is simply a disaster.

Entering my first class, Color Theory in Digital Entertainment I shortly started to see how everything I've been learning so far comes together. The creation of advertisments, how they appeal to us as learned in my Communication 1 classes. I leave the class in shock over the prices for supplies in the class, thinking about one thing; 'This class should be a 4 Unit Class for all the money I spend on it'. I start my second class and in Film Studies 1 we get to break down movies as how the appeal to us. In a historical sense and how the business model works like as well as the elements of story which contains three classes I have taken; Storytelling, Race and Gender History in the US and Communications 1. All these elements come hand in hand and also help in the process of knowing the basics in a production which was learned in Broadcasting Production. Non of these classes but Color Theory and Storytelling is included in my major, many of them just taught to me from personal interest and manditory 'G-E' requirements but I sense the inspiration of knowledge that has been given to me and I like the second day of school with Mr. Keeshen in Storyboarding, simply because its fun.

This is a strange event or feeling for me, for the first time in my life I really enjoy going to school.

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