The Tensions of 'Finals Day'

It is strange, how the tension on the day of finals seem to reflect my past of 'emotional experiences'. Walking across campus at a day like 'finals day' the cool wind blow through a day when most students walk through it. I reminds me of my first days of elementary school every year. How there lies a tension in the air, a wind or a breeze of calm and tension that floats through the air. It feels in the Cafeteria or in every hallway, it is around us, in the library and everywere.

It's the calm before the storm and if reflects a semester as it has come to its end, as all knowledge gained is to be used for proving that we are enough. That we have obtained the quotas we have to obtain. We normally don't reflect the end of something like a semester, but as this winter semester approaches its end I do reflect back what I have learned and I sense my tension as I hope for the best. It is also not about this moment, but about the reason that we all come here for. For our future and the knowledge we need to succeed forward with our life and the future of ours. I feel nervousity, hope and reliability on that I will succeed as we all should feel.

Anthony & The Johnsons

As a conclusionn I would like to wish all students good luck as a nice gesture and I praise the mythic atmosphere of our chance and hopes to maintain our dreams alive.

Today we listen to Anthony & The Johnsons new album 'The Crying Light' (Review on Music, Truth and Tunes later today)

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