Enough with the nonsense/Becoming a Filmmaker

Forget about the nonsense, I won't post un personal posts again, it's out of my character to do so. What the underlined purpose of this blog was to tell you, who read this that it is a blog of my life 20 minutes away from the Hollywood Sign and my process of becoming a filmmaker of course with association to what happens in my life. Some people claim that un personal blogs are not of interest, but of course they are and if you don't agree, I've got that side covered with my second blog Music, Truth and Tunes which I hopefully will squeeze some living money out on. 

So let's get down to business, my path to 'becoming' a film maker.
- 'Well, aren't you a film maker when you say so?'.
- 'Well, no, not exactly. Some People may argue that, but I don't. I simply, 'Wants To Become' one.
- 'Ed Wood, was a filmmaker even if he didn't know anything.
- 'Yes, he was, but on the other hand he was also the worst film maker of all time and yes there's a difference, he actually made movies. I've only made a school project short film.

So that's what I am going to argue. Enough with 'YouTube' nonsense unless it doesn't really mean anything.

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