Caught on the Lincoln Line

I sit on the bus, longing for it to get to my stop at Broadway/California from Pico Blvd. when I catch a discussion between an old man in old clothes, beard and a typical bum-fashionable way (if I get the permission to stereotype) and an old upper classy kind of way lady. The man had paintings with him, very beautiful indeed but the thing about the conversation was that this man and the old lady were talking about how she was a collector and he was an artist that had sold his work to artists and celebrities such as Madonna, Paris Hilton and Barbara Streisand

She replied with triumphs of her life as well such as having a daughter that was an actress starring in a Madonna-Movie and that she now was a make-up artist for very famous people.

I ask my self, bitterly cold (since I am only wearing flip-flops); 'Why on earth are they riding the low-class-of-society buses in the city of cars and freeways when he sells paintings to the Hollywood elite and she has a daughter of high class entertainment with a salary I could only dream of?

The man closes the discussion as we approaches Rose Ave. by saying 'You never know how you gonna meet on the bus, that's what I love about LA'. With my Swedish sentiment I would to reconstruct the sentence by saying 'You never know how's going to bullshit you in LA' even though that the credibility is higher here than in any other city.

A Side Note: I would like to correct the last sentence from my previous blog today by saying 'a cold because colder temperatures increase the risk of receiving germs or viruses that get you sick' instead of saying '...get the flu' 

Good Days, Bad Days

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